Doors Installation

Doors Installation

If the time has come for a door replacement, we can help!

Locksmith in London provide door fitting services for any purpose. We offer door repairs, Installations and Replacements at best prices. Our range of doors includes a wide variety of wooden doors to choose from.

Get doors installations done right with Locksmith in London door fitters. You can trust our highly skilled and experienced door fitters to install any door to best meet your satisfaction.

When supplying and fitting doors there are 3 main factors to bear in mind. Durability, Design and Costs.

When considering the replacement of an old door with a new one, you always have to keep these factors in mind.

Not every door that looks good is necessarily a quality door. Many doors look like they made out of solid material while in fact underneath the attractive surface it’s all some cheap mixture of sawdust and glue.

A door made from a cheap wood can be kicked down in a single kick.

Burglars these days are sophisticated and would easily recognise a cheap door by just knocking on it. In some buildings that use the same type of doors we’ve found that multiple burglaries tend to happen more often.

Fire doors can be tricky too as they are required by some insurance companies. The trouble is that some fire doors won’t even survive even a strong pressure of a crowbar. There are however ways to enforce fire doors and install better security fire doors to improves the chances of door to survive a forced entry.

When looking for a new door it’s also important to remember that the door you choose is going to stay with you for a couple of years, if not for life. Choose the design carefully and have the door installed by professional door fitters.

As simple as it may look, door installation is not a simple task! Many fitters can install a door but to do it properly you need an experience. You need to know exactly what you’re doing from the very first moment you start measuring the size of the door to the last coat of paint. Every mistake in between can make the whole process to a nightmare while making you incur a lot of unnecessary expenses.


The solidness of the door is not the only matter you should be considering when installing a door. The installation of locks and locks types should also be considered carefully as well as their position on the door. Should you also want to have a letterbox hole created this would have an impact too. Any mistake can affect directly the vulnerability of your home security and the look of your door.

We provide great quality doors at unbeatable rates.

In our galleries you can find some of our recent door installations. Please feel free to contact us for the complete catalogue with the full variety of door designs.